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Reflections of 2023

It started out to be a good year. I went to our women’s first retreat as a campus to Lake Geneva. I rode with a friend and a woman that I had not met yet. She turned out to be a great woman and a very reserved one. We all got along just fine and had the best time as we reflected on the way home. Even though when we arrived, we didn’t have much electricity because of the ice storm the day before, it turned out to be a great and powerful weekend. During the summer things changed as tensions started and words were being said that were not really meant or should have been said. Unfortunately, this continued until the end of the year. Now with hurt feelings and friendships having been destroyed, trust, patience, and reconciliation will have to take place in the new year in God’s timing.

The past six months have been difficult I have to say. However, I will remember the last weekend in February as God met with me in Lake Geneva and told me that I am not only loved but appreciated as I serve behind the scenes on with the things that I do. I’m not alone and I am seen. It not only felt good to hear that, but it was good to feel it.

Thank you, Jesus!! Now that the New Year has come what does God have instore for me. I can hardly wait to see. Will you join me in celebrating the New Year and praying for those that are hurting and have lost loved one.






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