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Reflections of 2019

Another year has come to an end. What happened this past year? Financially things have stayed pretty much the same. Started a business in June, that I am working to take off so that I can become more financially stable. Things are moving slowly, but that is alright for now.

It’s been an alright year, on that I could have changed if I had taken the time to do. The business is what gets you and that I need to find a way to manage as life continues.

I have joined a new small group this past fall and I love the women that I am walking with in the Lord. They are loving and caring women. I still keep in contact with my previous small group as I consider them family and I have walked with them a little longer than this new small group. Things are happening and I hope and pray that God will bless my efforts and make things work out alright.

What was you greatest achievement in 2019? Care to share?
I would love to hear.






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