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  • Reflections of 2023

    Reflections of 2023

    It started out to be a good year. I went to our women’s first retreat as a campus to Lake Geneva. I rode with a friend and a woman that I had not met yet. She turned out to be a great woman and a very reserved one. We all got along just fine and…

  • Inspiration


    These last couple of months have been hectic with the setting up of this new website. I have to be honest though, I never thought that I could do it. I most certainly could not have done it alone. I had no idea that setting up a website was so involved and possibly complicated. Transferring…

  • Reflections of 2022

    Reflections of 2022

    The year was full of things that happened, some good and some bad. I got closer to some of my acquaintances at church, we got a new head Pastor, and a new campus Pastor. I serve on my women’s group for breakfast and I enjoy cooking for the worship team. For all of the percussions…

  • Reflections of 2021

    Reflections of 2021

    I know that I am late with this posting. The last 2 years have been a stressful time of being pressured to get vaccinated and for wearing masks. I have to say that doing what is best for my family is more important to me than anything else. Having seen my daughter and grand-daughters last…

  • Reflections for 2020

    Reflections for 2020

    I don’t know about you, but I know that this has been a year of uncertainty with shutdowns, and lifestyle changes. Having to wear masks to go shopping for groceries, and to enter other stores just to stay safe, as well as keeping your distance from others. Churches being shut down as well as restaurants…

  • Reflections of 2019

    Reflections of 2019

    Another year has come to an end. What happened this past year? Financially things have stayed pretty much the same. Started a business in June, that I am working to take off so that I can become more financially stable. Things are moving slowly, but that is alright for now. It’s been an alright year,…

  • Reflections of 2018

    Reflections of 2018

    As I reflect on the past year (2018), I find myself feeling good that it is over and a new one has started.  I received a car from my church a year ago and have been able to keep it running through out the year.  I’ve had some ups and downs, but I have kept…

  • Do I truly Believe?

    Do I truly Believe?

    What am I here for?  What am I wanting to get out of this?  What am I willing to put into it, to get what I want?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions or asked at least one of them to yourself?  If so, are your motives in the right place or are you…

  • Reflections for 2017

    Reflections for 2017

    Well, another year has come and gone, I have graduated twice this year with 2 Associates Degrees and I’m very proud of myself for that.  One in the Fine Arts and the other in the Arts.  It’s been a trying year, but with all of the ups and downs, I can say that it was…