Joey's Creations

My Creativity



Plaid rolled Christmas colors.
Flannel rolled Plaid Christmas colors.
Plaid Fabric
Light rolled Christmas colors.
Dark Red Holly
Dark Green Holly
White snowflakes on Red
Christmas Design on teal background
White snowflakes 1
White snowflakes 2
White snowflakes 3
Red & green plaid
White snowflakes on red
Green & red holly on yellow
Poinsettias & holly on white

Prints and Solids

White polka dots on light blue
Solid White
Bright Red
Burgandy Red
Medium Red
Dark Green
Dark Purple
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Medium Orange
Light Orange
Light Blue
Yellow and white 1
Yellow and white 2
Yellow and white 3
Off white
White moose on red
Herb Garden 1
Heb Garden 2
White 1
White 2
White 3
White 4
Light tan
Light gray
Medium gray
White 5
White 6
White 7
Lime green
Medium blue
White & gold on blue
Gold & white
Medium tan
Light tan


Brown crosses on beige
Spiritual worded stones
Spiritual words on light fabric
Yellow spiritual words on brown background

Baby Fabric

Pink elephants on white
Baby blue elephants on white


Red, white, & blue 1
Red, white, & blue 2
Red, white, & blue 3
Red, white, & blue 4
Red, white, & blue 5
Red, white, & blue 6
White stars on red
White stars on dark blue
Red, blue, dark blue, & black polka dots on white
Red, white, & light blue polka dots on blue