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Being aware of bad spirits

I have been struggling with some things that I feel need to be said.  For as much as this pains me to say this; I have been prompted to do so.

I feel that we need to be made aware of the spirits that are plaguing us and those  people that are around us.  These spirits however, have only one thing on their minds and that’s to rob, kill and destroy, as well as cause strife in our mist.  This may be a harsh thing to say, and I will apologize now.  I have not only seen this first hand, but I was almost caught up in it, and  it is not a pretty sight by all means.  Believe me when I say this.

What I am talking about here is evil spirits.  These spirits are those that will harm, manipulate, entice, prey on your feelings and conscious as a way of getting into your spirit, and they are called the Jezebel and Absalom spirits.  They are spirits that cause strife, anger, division in a group, they come to hurt, kill and try to destroy the good that God is doing.  They are jealous of what we have and put themselves first instead of putting God first in their lives.

These spirits will claim to be your friends when in actuality they are not.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They will sugar coat things to make it sound good to you.  They will prey on your sympathies, they will work their way into your circles just to cause problems and down fall.  So for your sake, your families, friends, and all those that you hold near and dear to you heart beware of them, and they come in pairs.

Unfortunately this is becoming a serious problem in this day and age as there are so many preachers/teachers showing up in the world around us, and claiming to be teachers of the Word of God and teaching  just the opposite.  The bible warns us of these kinds of people–they are called the anti-Christ.

Jezebels tactics are as follows: she uses manipulation and intimidation to control the Church’s and ministers.

We must be decisive men and women of God who are willing to take a secular job and lose members, if necessary, to be in God’s will! Just like in Pensacola, the reward of going with God is always worth the price that will have to be paid.

Just to let you know they are lengthy.

The Jezebel Spirit

The story of Absalom is not a pretty one






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